Many Happy and Blessed Returns to the Super Lady Fariha Pervez

Many Happy and Blessed returns here Fariha Pervez The Super Lady



Never Taken a single Penny from anywhere/anyone. Place That Face Has Lost Its Face


Place That Face Has Lost Its Face. 100% Independent. Never Taken a single Penny from anywhere/anyone.





We have lost the Facebook page PlaceThatFace.Com.  Lots of hard work has gone into it. It has played a major role in bringing the minority votes and following for JC.

Cannot say for certain what happened to it but seems to have been deleted. Morning of 21st October it was not to be found anywhere.

Any help in discovery of what happened to it will be much appreciated.

The only importance for deletion is a political motive and it was not done by any hack. Still have access to a very secure password with a personal email address.

Many Beautiful, Happy, Blessed Retuns Here. Fariha Pervez

Many Beautiful and Happy, Blessed Retuns Here Fariha Pervez

Blessed and many lovely returns here! Happy birthday to one of the greatest artist Fariha Pervez.

May you shine forever and brighter.

May he shower you with all that you wish for.

Here’s wishing you many wonderful¬† blessed years!







We are working on it